Friday, September 29, 2023

Meet Bora Sulollari, One of the Shining Stars of the City Manager’s Office!

The City of Southlake places incredible importance on internships. Throughout the numerous departments, there are many opportunities to explore the City and make a difference. Many times, those interns find their place and stay within the walls of Town Hall.

As Bora Sulollari walked in for her first day as an intern at the City of Southlake, she was greeted with big smiles and new experiences.

“I felt so welcomed from the first moment I stepped into the building,” said Sulollari. “My time as an intern was so important to me, not only because of the valuable things I got to learn and experience but also because of the amazing people I got the chance to work with daily.”

Sulollari began her journey as a Management Intern. After obtaining her Master’s in Public Administration, she worked her way up to a full-time role as a City Manager’s Office Management Assistant. In her role, she assists the CMO with various budgetary, research, strategic management functions, and much more. “I’m forever grateful for all the various insightful projects I have gotten the chance to collaborate on,” she mentioned.

At the City of Southlake, our interns’ talents span many departments and topics. Several other full-time employees got their start just like Bora Sulollari and they continue to service the City through their dedication and commitment to excellence.

SKIL Students Engage with Area Businesses During Annual Day of Internship

Students from Southlake Kids Interested in Leadership (SKIL), the community’s youth leadership program, experienced a day on the job with area business owners and managers during the program’s Annual Day of Internship March 22.

With the participation of 14 area businesses, including AT&T Corporate Offices, Educational Employees Credit Union (EEUC) and Highland Landscaping, SKIL students got an insider’s perspective in several industries and businesses had an opportunity to showcase their companies while mentoring the next generation of potential employees and business leaders.

“The SKIL program provides real-life shadowing opportunities for our students. Students learn theory in the classroom, and the SKIL program provides them a chance to translate the classroom to a real-world job environment,” stated EECU Director Barbara Walker.

This is the fourth year of SKIL, a program created in partnership between the City of Southlake, the Carroll Independent School District and the Southlake Chamber of Commerce. The program provides opportunities to develop leadership qualities in young citizens and create better decision makers by engaging students in their community.

SKIL does more than simply educate students about opportunities, it creates experiences for the students to participate and engage in leadership activities. Students learn about and actively contribute to projects within the City of Southlake’s various departments, as well as work with the Carroll Independent School District and the Southlake Chamber of Commerce. Through the program’s Annual Day of Internship, students also expand their entrepreneurial experiences as well. Carroll Senior High School students interested in participating in the program apply at the beginning of each academic year, and then 20 high school juniors are selected and begin program activities each October.

“SKIL offers current Southlake community leaders, business owners and residents a valuable opportunity for cultivating the next generation of leaders, which ultimately strengthens our community. The real-world insight youth leaders gain during the experience fosters an interest in government and business, which gives students a better understanding about leadership paths they may want to pursue in the future,” stated Mayor Laura Hill.

For more information about SKIL, contact Daniel Cortez in the City’s Economic Development Department at 817-748-8039.

Carroll Medical Academy Seeks Clinical Internships

The Carroll Medical Academy is in the market for a select few medical professionals to provide internship opportunities for CMA senior students for the spring semester.

These internships are an integral component of the required BioTechnology class, and the internship is an incredible opportunity for students to observe and learn in a professional medical environment. Students are HIPPA certified, TB tested and typically on-site for approximately 2 to 3 hours per week. Schedule modifications are possible with some students.

If you are a medical professional and are interested in sponsoring one or more of our Carroll Medical Academy seniors for an internship, please contact our Internship Chair Dawn Schindler at or Mrs. Sherry Martin, our CMA Director at for more details on program dates, requirements and specifics. Past internships have been widely varied and have included office visits for many specialties (from pediatric to veterinarian), surgical viewings, and paramedic ride-alongs.

The Carroll Medical Academy is an academic program that provides exceptional students who have an interest in entering a medical, dental, veterinary or research-based field with a challenging Advanced Placement (AP) curriculum beginning the freshman year of high school. Click here to visit the CMA website and learn more about the program, internships and how to get involved.