Thursday, March 23, 2023

Southlake Police K9 Officer and Partner Duco Receive Top Honors

Congratulations to Southlake Police K9 Officer Nate Anderson and his partner Duco for receiving the Top Patrol Dog award at the annual K9 conference held in Dallas.

Officer Anderson and Duco recently attended a conference hosted by the North American Police Working Dog Association (NAPWDA) to obtain their annual re-certification. There were approximately 26 teams in attendance. Following the conference and certification process, awards were given out for three categories: Top Dog, for overall performance, Top Narcotics Dog and Top Patrol Dog. Duco and Officer Anderson were awarded Top Patrol Dog. The Top Patrol Dog award is based on performance for obedience, apprehension, tracking, and building and area search.

“It’s a great feeling to know that individuals with years of training and experience recognize your passion and hard work. It’s definitely a compliment to Duco and me as well as our training group,” said Officer Anderson.  Officer Anderson and Duco are credited with assisting the Southlake Police Department, and other police agencies, with numerous drug and suspect searches, as well as other crime-fighting cases. They have been partners since February 2015.

Officer Anderson and Duco are dual certified. In addition to their patrol certification, they carry a narcotics certification through the National Narcotic Detector Dog Association (NNDDA) program.

It is an honor to have this incredible team working for the Southlake Police Department and helping to keep our citizens safe. Congratulations again Officer Anderson and K9 partner Duco.

K9 Officers and K9 Partners Receive World Class Training at DPS North

The Southlake Police Department hosted a 4-day K9 training course at our state-of-the-art DPS North Training facility this week.  Officers from eight north Texas cities attended and included one officer from Germany.  The course focused on training officers to become “Decoys” for the K9 handlers and their K9 partners.   Nate & Duco

The officers received hands-on training with one of the best instructors in the United States, Franco Angelini from K9 Bite Dr. Angelini, a former military officer and K9 handler with the U.S. Army, has also trained officers and their K9 partners internationally from England to Australia.

During the 4-day training, each Officer received hands-on instructions on how to properly decoy for the K9 teams so that they are better prepared to react in real-life situations when subduing aggressive and/or violent suspects. The decoys were outfitted in canine bite suits and arm sleeves to experience the strength of the K9’s and how the animal responds to verbal cues. These K9s are a special breed of animal.  They are docile when at home with their handler and his family but when it’s time to go to work, their K9 demeanor shifts and they know it’s “go time.”

Southlake K9 Officer Nate Anderson, and his partner Duco, have worked very well together over the past year and a half. The pair have found drugs during numerous traffic stops and assisted in tracking down suspects who have fled officers. Anderson says, “We train for those high stress situations. We want our K9 partners to be as prepared to face dangerous situations as we are. They are also invaluable in helping to get illegal drugs off the streets.” Anderson adds, “The goal is to prepare the K9 for police work and to help build their confidence so they are comfortable in real-life situations.”  The K9s are also utilized to assist with locating lost elderly persons or children.

IMG_4201Officers who attended the K9 decoy training included officers from: Carrollton, River Oaks, Mansfield, Watauga, Grand Prairie, three K9 military officers from Oklahoma, and an officer from the British Army. Each officer left with the skills and knowledge necessary to properly decoy for their agency’s K9 Unit(s).

It’s easy to see how K9 Officers and their K9 partners share a special bond that is built on trust and a healthy respect for each other’s capabilities. K9 Officer Nate Anderson and his partner Duco work hard, but they also make time for special community events like National Night Out, coming up on October 1, and visiting area schools. Kids love seeing Duco and Officer Anderson and learning about the work that they do.

IMG_4210IMG_4217To see more pictures and videos of this weeks K9 training, please visit our DPS Facebook page @SouthlakePublicSafety.IMG_4206IMG_7297

Southlake K9 Officers Recognized and Partner “Rex” Inducted into “Animal Hall of Fame”

Former Southlake Police Officer Ron Wyrick and Sgt. Gaylon Music, along with K9 partner “Rex”, received top honors at the Twelfth Annual Veterinary Community Awards Banquet on December 11th. Ron is a Vietnam Veteran who retired from the Police Department and returned to serve in Iraq with Dyncorp and his bomb-sniffing partner “Rex.”

On May 17, 2004, while on patrol, a suicide car bomber exploded a vehicle near their location killing eight soldiers and severely wounding Ron and “Rex.” Both have since recovered but still need continuous medical care.  That’s when Sgt. Music, whose experience with K9’s at Southlake, stepped in for his friend Ron. He unselfishly took over the care and medical needs for his friend’s K9 partner. “Rex” has undergone several major medical procedures including the removal of a large tumor that still contained flecks of metal from the bomb blast. Sgt. Music says, “It’s an honor to take care of “Rex” for Ron who is one of my mentors and a great friend.”

Both Sgt. Music and Ron spoke at the banquet and Ron told the very moving story of what happened that day.  You could hear a pin drop in the room as he said, with his voice choked back by tears, “I told the medics to take care of my dog first. I wanted them to save “Rex.”  The bond between these three friends is unshakable and shows the true meaning of partnership and friendship.