Sunday, July 3, 2022

Lane switches on N. White Chapel widening project starting January 2, 2019

Update: 1/17/19 – Mother Nature had other plans for the planned lane switch and due to the recent rains, the lane switches had to be postponed a little. The new date for the planned lane switches will be Monday, January 21, weather permitting. Also, the light at the intersection of Highland and N. White Chapel will temporarily be in red flash in all directions while the barricades are set up and the signals are adjusted to accommodate the new lane configurations.

Despite Mother Nature’s attempts to slow down construction projects across the region with heavy rainfalls in the past months, the N. White Chapel widening project continues to remain on schedule. As the project moves forward, construction crews will be doing more work on existing roadways and are planning for some lane switches starting Wednesday, January 2, weather permitting.

WhiteChapelRoadReconfig 01-17-2019 update

Map indicating full lane switch at SH 114 beginning after temporary switch, weather permitting.

A major lane switch, starting towards the end of the week, will be at the north end, where N. White Chapel meets SH 114. Starting at SH 114, all traffic will be switched to the new northbound lanes for approximately 900 feet before crossing over the existing lanes to the new southbound lanes. All traffic will travel on the southbound lanes until re-entering the existing roadway approximately 400 feet south of Highland Avenue. This lane switch is only expected to last a couple of days.

Temporary lane switch, happening on Jan. 21, in preparation for full lane switch.

There will be some temporary moving lane switches earlier in the week as crews prepare for the long term switch.

Motorists also need to be aware of some changes in roadway elevation during the lane switches. Temporary pavement will be added to bridge the new lanes to the existing lanes. “Driving over the temporary pavement will feel like a speed bump, so I’d like to encourage motorists to take it easy as they cross over those sections,” notes Deputy City Engineer Steven Anderson.

Signage will be in place to help motorists navigate the lane switches. Visit and follow Southlake Mobility on Facebook to stay up-to-date with Southlake road projects. Have questions about this project? Give Southlake Public Works a call at 817-748-8098.