Saturday, December 2, 2023

Imagine That! A Bright Future at Southlake Public Library.

Take the 2021 Library Survey and tell us what you see for the future of the library.

The Southlake Library opened on September 26, 2001, and since that time it has enjoyed over 2.4 million visitors, offered thousands of programs to over 525,000 participants and circulated over 5.6 million books, movies, audiobooks and more. That’s a savings to Southlake Library cardholders of over $85 million on the cost of those materials. How great is that?!

Now, we’re looking ahead to the future of the Southlake Public Library. How do you want your library to improve? Are there new services you would like to see? What programs are the most important to your family? Are you finding what you need at the library, or would you like to see changes to the collection? It’s time to tell us what you want to see for the future of Southlake Library.

Take the 2021 Library Survey and share your thoughts. The survey will be available online from August 9–30, 2021. We want to hear from you, and your neighbor, and your neighbor’s neighbor. Pass it on!

Take the survey at

Southlake Launches Library Site Analysis Study

Imagine a library that meets your needs. A place for community, a place for family, a place for you.

The City of Southlake invites you to participate in an important survey regarding current and future library services and amenities. A Library Site Analysis Study has been launched to allow the community to share a vision that sets a long-term direction for the Southlake Library. The City is working to complete the study with Hidell and Associates, a leading architecture firm in library design and services.

The online survey is the first step in the on-going study, which will include focus groups from across the community in addition to the general public response. “We are reaching out to our citizens to determine how well the Library is meeting their needs and to get feedback on their hopes for future library services,” states City Librarian, Cynthia Pfledderer.

The survey takes only a few minutes to complete and in appreciation for completing the survey, participants will be entered for a chance to win an iPad. The survey will be available to the public from August 8 – August 28, 2016.

So now, we’re asking – What Does Your Library Look Like?