With a flick of the witch’s wand, Halloween vanished with a poof.

Spooky season is officially over, but the celebratory vibes were strong at Champions Club last Friday. Champions Club is not like a regular gym, we’re a cool gym, and we are always looking for creative ways to show our members that we appreciate them. Last Friday, Champions Club staff took Halloween membership appreciation to the next level by hosting a Trick or Treat celebration in the Administrative Hallway for the Child Watch kiddos.

All month long, department staff was busy decorating their office doors in true Halloween spirit! The competition was fierce, and the desire to have the best-decorated door filled the air in October. The weeks of anticipation led to a spooktacular event last Friday. Staff hosted three Trick Or Treat sessions for our littlest Champions at 9:30 AM, 10:30 AM, and 4:00 PM. Monsters, mummies, skeletons, and ghosts lined the hallway as Child Watch participants went door-to-door searching for fa-boo-lous tricks and treats.

The event was a huge success, and it’s safe to say that staff had as much, if not more fun than our Child Watch Trick or Treaters. We love nothing more than showing our members we care, and this event was no exception!

Here’s what our Membership Services Coordinator had to say about the fun event:

“We are always looking for fun and interactive activities to keep our littlest Champions Club members excited about coming to Child Watch. We can’t Trick or Treat every day, but you can bet our team keeps your little ones busy in Child Watch. We play games, do crafts, exercise on the outdoor and indoor playground, and even get into some holiday fun! Sharing a memorable experience during the holidays with our little champions was a real treat for all City Employees that participated,” Marianne Burton.

Halloween came and went. Now it’s time for Champions Club staff to put their heads back together to plan the next members-only appreciation event. Don’t miss out on the fun! Stay on top of all member appreciation initiatives here.

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