Thursday, December 8, 2022

Make My Day Better: Find Those Leaks!

Make your day better by getting a free kit that helps spot common household leaks.

Through the “Make My Day Better” program, Southlake Water Utilities gives kits to help find leaks in your home. By being able to detect where a leak is, you can fix it, conserving water. Conserving your water use can lead to lowering your water bill.

Here is what each kit comes with:

  • Three leak-detection dye tablets
  • A “Toilet Tank Bank”
  • A moisture meter
  • Shower flow meter bag
  • Fill cycle diverter for your toilet

Not sure what these items are and how to use them? That’s okay! Southlake Water Utilities gives a booklet with each kit that explains everything. These kits are available on the 2nd floor of Town Hall at the Southlake Water Utilities- Customer Service area.

Any questions? Please contact Southlake Water Utilities-Customer Service at (817) 748-8051.