As the community continues to develop, plans to create more sidewalks in Southlake are part of our plan to connect residents to each other.

The City recently wrapped up the Continental Sidewalk project, providing a continuous connection along Continental Boulevard, FM 1709, S. Kimball Avenue and S. Carroll Avenue to for pedestrians to walk to schools, parks and shopping areas from their homes. Ongoing street projects such as the N. White Chapel Widening and the Zena Rucker Connector will also include sidewalks.

What does this mean for existing neighborhoods designed without sidewalks?

The City offers programs that enable residents to request the construction or filling of sidewalk gaps within their neighborhoods. This process is often referred to as neighborhood retrofits.

Residents can submit a request for a new sidewalk or to fill in the gaps of an existing sidewalk by completing this form. Requests are forwarded to the City Council for consideration in the priority plan. Once requests are approved, neighborhood organizations and HOAs can utilize the Neighborhood Sidewalk Matching Funds program in which the City matches 50% of the cost of sidewalk design and construction.

These partnerships foster collaboration and allow the City to work with residents to provide a sustainable solution for the interest of both parties. Together, we can help connect Southlake and make it a great place to live, work and play.

Residents are required to complete the Neighborhood Sidewalk Matching Funds Program Application and submit a petition to demonstrate the support of other homeowners near the proposed sidewalk.

If City Council approves the petition, the HOA or organization will need to complete a Sidewalk Participation Agreement with the Public Works Department. The 50% match is required before sidewalk construction starts.

To learn more about the City of Southlake’s sidewalk programs click here. To complete a Neighborhood Sidewalk Matching Funds Request click here.


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