2022 is almost in our rearview mirror, and it’s time to start planning ahead.

Winter registration for upcoming programs is well underway, and we have
a variety of programs to choose from. We have tried and true oldies but goodies and new exciting programs to try. Whether you love exploring nature and learning about our local ecosystem or have a kiddo interested in STEAM, there is a program for you!

This new year, we are introducing two new exciting programs for parents of young children: Parent & Me Time and Little MusicMaker! These two programs are perfect for parents with young children looking for structured quality time with their babies.

Parent & Me Time!
We invite you and your littlest one to spend quality time in a fun and interactive play environment. This program walks you through diverse age-appropriate activities for your baby or toddler to bond over! Meet other parents and strengthen your connection to your little one through guided programs and structured fun!

Parent participation is required. Click to register here.

Little MusicMaker
Journey into the world of music-making as your child discovers their singing voice while exploring a variety of instruments. Every class is a hands-on, live music-making experience that incorporates music from other cultures.

Children are exposed to a variety of tonalities and meters to assist in developing their musical ears at an early age. Your little one will learn basic music theory concepts to build a strong foundation as they enjoy making music in each class. This class lays the groundwork for smooth transitions into private voice or instrument lessons later on!

Parent participation is required. Register here.

Babies and toddlers grow up fast. Create life-long memories with your kiddos in the new year!

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