Thursday, December 8, 2022

Utility Rate Changes: Southlake Water Utilities Announces Changes

Water, sewer, garbage and recycling rate changes will soon go into effect for all Southlake Water Utilities customers. The increases will go into effect October 1, 2017. You will notice the increase on your November bill.

Water Rate Change

In August of this year, the Fort Worth City Council voted to increase its wholesale water costs. As a result, the increase will be passed on to Southlake customers. Southlake Water Utilities is a financially self-sustaining utility similar to electric and natural gas companies, where increased costs to the utility are passed on to consumers.

The City of Fort Worth is Southlake’s wholesale water provider. Fort Worth’s pass through rate increase amounts to 7.53%. To cover the higher charges assessed by Fort Worth for elevated water use, the upper tiers of Southlake’s water rates will also be slightly adjusted.

What does this mean?

For example, if you have a one -inch water meter and consume 26,640 gallons of water a month, with the rate increase your water bill will increase by $11.71. This example is based on the average residential water consumption in Southlake.

Sewer Rate Change

In June of this year, the Trinity River Authority (TRA) Board of Directors voted to approve rate increases for sewer treatment at both Denton Creek and Central Regional wastewater plants. As a result, Southlake Water Utilities will be passing the 17% increase on to Southlake customers. The Trinity River Authority supplies sewer treatment to 98% of Tarrant County, including, Southlake.

The maximum residential sewer charge Southlake customers will see is $61.66 per month. This will also take effect on October 1, 2017, and the increase will show on the November billing statements.

Refuse Rate Change

The new refuse rates—reflected on Southlake Water Utility bills for residential customers, will increase by 2.1% for all customers. This increase is consistent with the contract agreement the City has with Republic Services.

The breakdown for a residential consumer is $9.80 per month for trash service, $3.92 per month for recycling service and $1.13 for sales tax. This represents an increase of $0.30 for residential customers for a total rate per month of $14.85. Commercial customer rates will also be adjusted to account for the 2.1% increase based on their contract.

This new rate includes trash collection two times per week, automated recycling collection once each week, bagged grass collection, scheduled curbside leaf recycling, two household hazardous waste collection events per year, bulk collections, and bundled brush collections.
You may view all of the above rate changes by visiting the Southlake Water Utilities webpage, then click Water & Sewer Rates box.

Reminder, the effective date of increase for Southlake customers will begin October 1, 2017. Customers will see the changes reflected on their November bill.

If you have any questions, please contact Southlake Water Utilities at (817)478-8051 during regular business hours.