The new veterinary clinic opened their doors at 200 Kimball Ave Blvd, Suite 200 this past November, and they are filling a new niche in veterinary medicine!

UrgentVet is the first dedicated urgent care clinic for your pet! Similar to urgent care clinics in human medicine, UrgentVet provides the opportunity for non-emergency care outside of normal veterinary operating hours, without the added expense of emergency care! Their goal is to fill the gap between your regular vet and the ER by providing fast, professional care with love and compassion to make your pet comfortable until you can follow up with you regular veterinarian, if needed.

The clinic is open 365 days a year and no appointment is necessary. Clients and their pets will be greeted with transparency online, or if they walk-in the clinic, by real-time updates from the doctor and a live feed waiting list in the lobby. When designing the clinic and exam rooms, the team at UrgentVet was intentional about keeping their clients and patients as comfortable as possible by removing the reception area to reduce bottlenecking at check in or check out, removing high cabinets from the cat room and utilizing a scale/table with a lift for the large dog rooms. Currently, the clinic has two large dog rooms, two small dog rooms, one comfort room for final farewells, and one room for cats. Practice Manager Coral del M Rivera-Román stated that since opening, most patients have been of the feline variety, and if the trend continues, they will outfit one or more of their dog rooms to accommodate cats.

UrgentVet is a proudly certified Fear Free practice, ensuring that your pet and you are as comfortable as possible throughout the appointment. They accomplish this by providing treats and refreshments for pets and their owners, as well as offering a calming environment through the use of pheromones and white noise machines if needed.

While primarily intended for the treatment of dogs and cats, UrgentVet can also treat some exotics such as guinea pigs, but it is recommended you call prior to coming in or saving your spot online to ensure a doctor is available to see your exotic pet.

Some of the services offered by UrgentVet include: Allergic Reactions, Abscess Treatment, Dizziness or Disorientation, Ear Infections, End of Life Care, Eye Conditions, Wounds Care, Limping, Not Eating or Drinking, Rabies Exposure, Poison or Toxin Ingestion, Skin Issues, Signs of Pain (Trembling, Whining, Hiding), Urinary Issues, X-rays, and Vomiting & Diarrhea.

UrgentVet’s examination fee is just $99 and other services such as testing, and treatments are priced between that of a general practice veterinarian and an emergency veterinary hospital.

UrgentVet is not an emergency clinic and is unable to provide overnight care or surgery. If the clinic is unable to assist your pet, you will be promptly referred to an animal emergency clinic near you.

To learn more about UrgentVet visit their website:

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