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Southlake Fire Department: How Pre-planning Takes Emergency Preparedness to New Levels

During the September 20 City Council meeting, the Southlake Fire Department, along with City Response Personnel and Mutual Aid Response, were recognized for their recent actions and pre-planning efforts regarding the DalDen Corporation fire.

On August 17, crews responded to a fire incident at 4285 T.W. King Road. The DalDen Corporation is a manufacturing company for hazmat chemical filling and packaging.

Due to the severity of the fire and the presence of chemicals, a total of four alarms were requested. Other resources in use that day include:

  • Northeast Fire Department Association (NEFDA) HAZMAT and Rescue companies.
  • Emergency Management for logistical support.
  • Public Works for assistance with the mitigation of HAZMAT.
  • Police for assistance with traffic control, evacuations, and scene security.


Approximately 75 fire personnel arrived at the scene to combat the fire.

“Thanks to the pre-planning process and working with different departments and agencies, the fire was under control within 90 minutes,” Southlake Fire Chief Mike Starr said during the City Council presentation.

The pre-planning process played a significant role in containing the fire at DalDen Corporation. Before firefighters began putting out the fire, crews identified onsite chemicals and investigated how they would respond to water to avoid any reactions. Crews were also able to bring in equipment from Public Works to build dirt damns and stop the flow of hazardous run-off into creeks.

By implementing these procedures, the City and all partners can take precautionary measures and respond to emergencies effectively and efficiently.

“We enhance our response by our mutual aid part of the NEFDA group,” said Chief Starr, “Most of the cities are part of our NEFDA resources, and we trained with them constantly to make sure that we understand their capabilities; they understand our capabilities, and we had those specialty resources.”

“We had everybody from Public Works to PD to the building department,” Chief Starr said. “Our City team really steps up.”

To learn more about the City of Southlake’s Elements for Effective Fire Response, please watch the City Council presentation online.

Southlake Firefighters Break Record in MDA "Fill the Boot" Donations!

The Southlake Fire Department would like to thank everyone who participated in this year’s Muscular Dystrophy Association “Fill the Boot” campaign.  We are so thrilled to tell you that with your help, Southlake firefighters collected more than $33,000 for MDA, the largest amount ever collected by our department!

This is the 60th year for “Fill the Boot.”  All of the money collected from your generous donations will serve the greater Tarrant County area. All monies raised go to help fund research for MDA, provide medical equipment, motorized chairs for children and a week at the MDA Summer Camp. MDA’s Summer Camp allows children with neuromuscular diseases the opportunity be a kid and it also provides parents with peace of mind knowing their children are in great hands with caregivers who are dedicated health professionals and trained camp volunteers.  It also gives parents an opportunity to spend special time with the camper’s siblings.

Southlake Firefighter Jody Keeler is following in the footsteps of other Southlake firefighters by volunteering to be a camp counselor this summer.  Jody says, “I am very excited to be a part of the MDA Summer Camp because it gives back so much to the kids, their parents and everyone in the family. It is such an amazing organization.”MDA Jody Keeler 1

At MDA Camp, kids with neuromuscular disease discover a world that is created just for them. They get to meet with other kids who have the same needs that they do as well as just have fun being a kid and sharing new experiences like: horseback riding, swimming, adaptive sports, arts and crafts, camp dances and so much more. Campers will tell you that it is “the best week of the year” for them.  Kids are able to develop lifelong friendships and increase their confidence and self-esteem.

This year more than a 100 community volunteers will spend a week of their lives becoming role models, caregivers, friends, and camp counselors to 100 campers living with neuromuscular disease. These volunteers have various backgrounds, such as firefighters, police officers, UT Southwestern Physical Therapy students, local college students, plus 10 and 20 year returning veteran volunteers. They are all truly amazing individuals and so are all of you who helped to “Fill the Boot” this year. Thanks to your donations children with muscular dystrophy will reap the benefits of your generosity.  To learn more about muscular dystrophy or give to MDA log on to

Southlake DPS Hit the Streets for MDA Fill-the-Boot Campaign- UPDATE

David Bussiere posing with Southlake Fire Department

UPDATE August 16, 2013: The Southlake Fire Department wants to thank the traveling public for their contributions to the Southlake Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) Fill the Boot Campaign.  More than $28,900 was raised this year.  This year’s MDA telethon will take place Sunday, September 1, 2013 on ABC TV.

Once again, members of Southlake Department of Public Safety (DPS) will take to the streets collecting money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA). This annual fundraising event,  known as Fill-the-Boot, will take place July 15-17 at the east end of Southlake Boulevard and July 22-24 at the west end of Southlake Boulevard.

With boots in hand, fire fighters from Southlake Stations 1 and 2 will man intersections seeking donations of any amount to donate to this important cause. In 2012, Southlake DPS collected $29,150, coming in ninth out of 51 cities that participated throughout Dallas Fort Worth. On a statewide level, Texas fire fighters ranked #1, raising more than $3 million in 2012.

Southlake DPS has taken the Fill-the-Boot campaign to heart, thanks in part to David Bussiere, a three-year-old Southlake boy diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy at 19-months-old. David’s family has received tremendous support from MDA and they are optimistic that a cure will be found.

David and the Bussiere family

Fill-the Boot is a 59-year-old tradition that takes place across the nation with thousands of fire fighters. In 2012, fire fighters were the number one non-corporate sponsor of MDA. Funds raised from the Fill-the-Boot campaign are used to provide medical equipment and repairs, send children with neuromuscular disease to summer camp, and research to find treatments

The relationship between fire fighters and MDA reaches far beyond Fill-the-Boot. Fire fighters have participated in camp as counselors over the years, quickly becoming role models for the countless children living with neuromuscular diseases. Their willingness to give their time makes a lifelong impact.

Please help Southlake DPS Fill-the-Boot this month!