Friday, September 29, 2023

Charged and Ready: Tesla Supercharger Station Opens in Southlake Town Square

There was electricity in the air last Saturday morning as a crowd, along with nearly 50 Tesla electric vehicles, gathered in the parking lot at Prospect Street and Carroll Avenue in Southlake Town Square.

The excitement was in anticipation of the ribbon cutting for the Tesla Supercharger station, which is one of 39 throughout the state and five in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. There are 70 registered Tesla vehicles in Southlake, the highest concentration in Tarrant County.

Line of TeslasSimilar to a gas station, the Southlake Supercharger has 10 stalls for Tesla owners to plug in and charge their vehicles quickly. This allows for out-of-area travel and more than 500 stations are strategically placed throughout the U.S.

According to Rick Bollar, a Southlake resident, and president of Tesla Owners Club of North Texas, this network differentiates Tesla from other electric cars, which aren’t capable of long-distance travel.

“Having a Supercharger station in Southlake is really special because we’re one of the few in Texas that is not located along a highway. The amenities we offer in Southlake Town Square will make it a destination for people traveling across the country, encouraging them to stay and shop, eat and spend the night,” said Bollar, who estimates it will bring $500,000 in revenue to the city.

Bollar also pointed out that a Supercharger differs from the urban charging stations – which are located in Plano and Dallas and designed to serve drivers who don’t have a garage (and way to charge their vehicle at home) – in that the Supercharger delivers more power, thereby charging the car faster.

“This station puts Southlake on the map as a destination for Tesla owners and is another example of exciting things that are happening in our city,” stated Southlake Mayor Laura Hill, who participated in the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Southlake Town Square welcomed Tesla last September with the opening of its 4,500 square foot gallery across from the Apple Store. According to Tesla, its charging network is designed to be the fastest, most convenient, and extensive charging network in the world. Note: There are currently six public chargers for all-electric vehicles in Southlake Town Square, see the map below.

Tesla Supercharger Map for MSN