Friday, September 29, 2023

Managing Your Southlake Water Utilities Account Just Got a Little Easier

Become a better manager of your Southlake Water Utilities account through their new all-in-one form.

Use this form to update your account information to include your e-mail address and phone number. This makes it easier for Southlake Water Utilities to contact you with any issues on your account.

In general, the new form offers the convenience of being your one-stop shop for many service related requests this allowing you to better manage your account. This form allows you to disconnect service, make name changes to your account, sign-up for brank draft, paperless billing, request a hardship, request for your account information to be confidential and/ or a bill adjustment. Bill adjustments include penalty waivers or a leak adjustment.

How does the form work?

First, you will need to fill out the name on the account, service address, account number and your four digit password. Second, provide information about you: your name, contact phone number, mailing address and e-mail address. Third, select what service you need. You can select more than one. Finally, after selecting the service or services needed, you will sign the form electronically and hit submit.

You can access the form here. Please contact Southlake Water Utilities at (817) 748-8051 or stop by in person on the 2nd floor of Town Hall with any questions you may have.

Welcome to Your New Southlake Water Utilities Website

We are very excited to announce the redesigning of the Southlake Water Utilities website. These changes were designed with you in mind, and help us better serve you.

One of the changes you will notice first, will be on the SWU homepage. The overhead options have changed to “Customer Service”, “Pay”, “Set Up My”, and “Water Smart”. Each tab has been reorganized to make what you are looking for easy to find.

The options have changed for the sidebar on the left as well. There are now icons for “Pay Online” to make online payment easy to find and “Trash & Recycling” to allow you to find trash and recycling information quickly.

The next part you will want to pay attention to are the boxed options. These options have changed to “Customer Care”, “Payment Options”, “Water Smart, Southlake”, and “Monitor Your Water”. These boxes highlight the pages you need to access quickly. Think there’s another page we should highlight instead? Let us know by clicking on the “Tell us what you think” box. This box allows you to give us direct feedback.

The “Monitor Your Water” box redirects to information about Southlake’s smart technology. The City partnered with Badger Meter to upgrade more than 10.000 Southlake water meters. All meters now have cellular endpoints to help you monitor your water.  By downloading the “Eye on Water” app, you can enhance the benefits of having a smart water meter. You can control your water use and better monitor your water meter.

Southlake Water Utilities Snapshot Bottom PageBelow the boxes, you will find The Southlake Water Utilities Resource Center and Calendar.


The “Where To Start” page has been designed to help new residents easily find out what they need to set up their new utility service.

The “Garbage and Recycling” page leads you to the “Trash & Recycling” pages, where you can find all the information you need to know about you trash and recycling service.

The “Water Fast Facts” page has facts about the water system in Southlake.

Lastly, towards the bottom of the page, you will find the “Southlake Water Utilities Calendar”. This helps you keep track of when your water bill is due, when water bills are mailed out and about workshops being held.

We hope these updates will make the site easier for you to use. Have some thoughts on how to better improve the site? Tell us What’s on Your Mind.