Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Dragons Superior at UIL Contest

DragonBandLogoOver 200 members of the Dragon Band participated in the Region 24 UIL Solo and Ensemble Contest on Saturday, Jan. 31. The contest was held at Liberty High School in Frisco.

With 210 total entries, at the end of the day Carroll students brought home 124 individual Superior medals for solo work and 81 Superior medals for ensemble performances.

From this, 69 student soloists and 18 ensembles were certified to advance to the Texas State Solo and Ensemble Contest (TSSEC) in Austin. That competition is scheduled for May 24 and May 30. For more information aboud TSSEC, click here.

Carroll Announces TSSEC Results

The Carroll Dragon Band and Choir staff would like to congratulate the following students who competed Saturday, May 25 in Austin at the Texas State Solo and Ensemble Festival.

These students performed admirably under the circumstances of the day,” said Jay Bach, Director of Bands for Carroll ISD. “Great work Dragon Band and Choir members.”

There were 19 individual Gold medals, 47 Ensemble Gold medals, and 47 individual Silver medalist on the day. Special recognition went to Senior Neha Jain for her selection as an Outstanding Soloist on flute for a second year running and Kelsey Bronson Outstanding Soloist Soprano Voice. Organizers say this award is equivalent to a State Championship individual event. Both students will receive a Gold Medal symbolic of all  State Champions for this remarkable achievement.

Complete results from the Texas State Solo and Ensemble Festival are listed below:

Frist Division- Superior- Gold Medalist and Outstanding Soloist

  • Neha Jain- flute
  • Joe Litwak- keyboard percussionist
  • Josiah Choe- keyboard percussionist
  • Kelsey Bronson- voice

First Division- Superior- Gold Medalist

  • Jeff Imam
  • Amy Grice
  • Christopher Weisberg
  • Joe Litwak
  • Heather Swienton
  • Aaron Li
  • Joshua Choe
  • Cameron Li
  • Sarah Westerman
  • Josiah Choe
  • Ray Teer
  • Kaylyn Buckley
  • Sarah Carron
  • Colton Hess
  • Megan Pierson
  • Sara Schellenberger
  • Kenady Shope

Second Division- Excellent- Silver Medalist

  • Jared Neeley
  • Ellie Miller
  • Zachary Susskind
  • Connor Lane
  • Ganesh Setty
  • Hannah Bronson
  • Parker Wagner
  • Daniel Tubbesing
  • Mollie Danel
  • Christopher Cunningham
  • Ryan Fields
  • Caroline Freden
  • Austin Deters
  • Tien Tran
  • Brandon McKelvey
  • Jackson Wright
  • Braden Canino
  • Daniel Henry
  • Jessica Gregg
  • Sam Wonson
  • Julia Snook
  • Thi Tran
  • Ryan Adler
  • Carleigh Grupe
  • Kaley VanValkenburg
  • Rachel Goodman
  • Marilee Yeager
  • Justin Roach
  • Ari Ireland
  • Tanner Deters
  • Shay Guerin
  • Lexie Hassien
  • Zachary Froelich
  • Wesley Song
  • Devin Berg
  • Evan Clary
  • Alison Esparza
  • Sophia Formella
  • Keri Hass
  • Morgan Minshew
  • Kelsey Olohan
  • Kate Pruitt
  • Danielle Rodriguez
  • Tori Tew
  • Chandler Trader
  • Heather Wang
  • Kelsey Windham

First Division- Gold Medal Ensembles

  • Percussion Ensemble- Dan Henry, Griffin McCombs, Adam Bautista, Cameron Li, Braden Canino, Ryan Fields
  • Percussion Ensemble- Josiah Choe, Lea Morisato, Heather Swienton, Kevin Shurtz, Ashley Vu, Cole Smith, Joshua Choe
  • French Horn Quartet- Matt Prost,  Zach Froelich, Ariel Szekely, James Harvey
  • Woodwind Ensemble- Neha Jain, Jessica Gregg, Amy Grice, Jillian Jernigan
  • Flute Quartet- Connor Lane, Candace Duffy, Carleigh Grupe, Margaret Cressionnie
  • Flute Quarter- Mollie Danel, Hannah Bronson, Caroline Freden, Thi Tran
  • Vocal Madrigal-Ellie van Amerongen, Devin Berg, Hannah Bronson, Kelsey Bronson, Kaylyn Buckley, Colton Hess, Carson Luter, Landry Mead, Riley Mead,  Brittany Wang
  • Vocal Madrigal-Avery Chidiac, Giselle Drake, Caleb Harris, Danielle Rodriguez, Hunter Roeller, Sara Schellenberger, Sterling Siebach, Enoch Sng