Saturday, September 30, 2023

New Four Lane Stretch of Kirkwood Boulevard Improves Mobility in Southlake

Mobility in the north end of Southlake just got a little better, thanks to the widening of Kirkwood Boulevard between Stockton Drive and Tyler Street. The new four-lane roadway also includes new sidewalks on the west side of the road from Dove Road to Tyler.

The final piece of the project to be completed will be the median landscape, which is expected to be completed after the summer heat dissipates.

“This is another great mobility project we’re glad to have completed,” said Public Works Director Rob Cohen. “It was designed and constructed to help Southlake motorists get where they want to go as safely and quickly as possible. I’m glad it is moving along on time and the major work was completed before back to school rush traffic increases across the city.”

A part of a Capital Improvement Plan project designed to help improve current and future mobility in the area, work on Kirkwood started last year. This section of Kirkwood was always intended to be a four-lane, divided roadway, and the expansion of the last two-lane section has increased roadway capacity in the area. This is a welcomed improvement which has accommodated traffic generated by the opening of TD Ameritrade this past spring.

Other recent major projects in the area include the Kirkwood intersection improvements. As part of the City’s 2030 Mobility Master Plan the improvements included the addition of traffic signals at TW King and Kirkwood and Dove and Kirkwood, as well as new turn lanes at each intersection. The City also partnered with TxDOT and Westlake to improve the efficiency of the intersection of Kirkwood and State Highway 114 with the addition of turn lanes and traffic signals. These additions were completed in the spring.

For more information about Capital Improvement Plan projects, visit the City’s new mobility website at

Construction Update: Kirkwood Blvd. between Stockton Drive and Tyler Street.

Good news! The on-going widening of Kirkwood Boulevard is on schedule and quickly approaching the tail end of the project.

Major portions of the road have been widened and drainage improvements are being made on the existing lanes. This project was designed and constructed to help Southlake motorists get where they want to go as safely and quickly as possible.

Public Works Engineering staff and contractors are planning to complete the final phase of this project within the coming weeks. The anticipated project completion of the widening is late spring with median landscaping to follow.

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Kirkwood Widening Project Photo