Friday, August 12, 2022

City to Take Part in Water Assessment Program

City Council renewed an agreement to participate with Wachs Water Services, A Division of Pure Technologies U.S. for the annual Water Valve Assessment Program and leak detection services on Tuesday at the November 19 City Council meeting.

This is the fourth year the City has participated with this program which assesses the condition of the water valves to ensure proper functionality in the event of a possible crisis by providing asset management, leak detection services and water quality improvement.

The program also confirms valve and hydrant location as compared to the City’s GIS database, operability and leak assessment.

This year, Wachs will assess approximately 665 small diameter water valves by locating and collecting GPS coordinates of these water valves, test the operation of these valves, and identify which valve requires repairs and/or improvements.

Funding for this service is provided by the FY 2020 Utility Fund and Water Operating Budget.