Saturday, December 2, 2023

“Wired for Water” Nears Completion

As Southlake Water Utilities nears completion of the “Wired for Water” project implemented this summer, staff is available to provide detailed benefits of the upgrade, including tips for lowering your water bill.

Starting May of this year, the Utility partnered with Badger Meter to upgrade water meters in Southlake with cellular endpoints. Badger Meter offers through their advanced water meter systems the opportunity for you to monitor your water usage 24/7 through  “EyeOnWater”. This is an online portal that provides real time access to your water consumption.

“By partnering with Badger Meter, and offering access to the “EyeOnWater” portal, we are providing residents with the ability to directly monitor and control their water consumption,” states Chief Financial Officer, Sharen Jackson, “A decrease in water consumption will lead to a lower water bill.  Who wouldn’t want to save money?  I use it myself.”

Residents have begun to receive notification through the mail about features of the enhanced system and step by step instructions on how to register in the “EyeOnWater” portal.  To date, there are less than 250 meters pending receipt of the upgrade.

How does this benefit me?

Through Badger Meter’s “EyeOnWater” software, you  are able to monitor your water usage by the hour. “EyeOnWater” provides you with the tools to be in control of your water consumption.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Control of water use
  • Monitor accuracy of meter readings
  • Timely detection of leaks in the household
  • Confirm irrigation system is operating as you intend

The smart system places control  in your hands!

What do you mean by “in your hands”?

With the touch of your fingertips, or a click of your mouse, you can access your meter information through “EyeOnWater.”  A link for “EyeOnWater” is available on the Southlake Water Utilities website or on your smartphone. The “EyeOnWater” app is available at Google Play and iTunes stores.

Want to Understand Your Water Bill?

That is a great starting point. Our website has a sample bill with highlighted sections to guide you through the document.  The bill displays your consumption over the past 18 months, as well as your current usage. An example bill is provided online on Southlake Water Utilities webpage.



A Real Example

Southlake Mayor Laura Hill recently posted on her personal Facebook account her water bill. Her goal was to reduce her water consumption this August and September from what it was last year. She took advantage of the ability to view her water usage over the past 18 months on her bill. Utilizing water conservation resources provided by the Water Smart, Southlake blog, she was able to reduce her consumption for this August and September.


Water Smart, Southlake

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If you have questions regarding your water bill, contact the Southlake Water Utilities Customer Service at (817) 748-8051, or stop by Suite 200 on the 2nd floor of the Southlake Town Hall to talk to someone in person.