March 12, 2024

Putting Structure in Infrastructure: the Traffic Division’s Commitment to Southlake Safety

The Southlake Traffic Division's yellow vests shine bright in comparison to the dull signs the team is currently swapping out.

Although the old signs are still technically functional, their fading color raises big alarms for this team whose main priority is Southlake safety. With the fading signs officially retired, the division has enhanced the safety experience for every driver and pedestrian that will interact with the crosswalk moving forward.

Trent Agan and Jase Arellano prepare for their sign replacement project

Every day can look different for this team, but it all revolves around three words: Preventative, Proactive, Protection.

This boots-on-the-ground group of professionals is tasked with the responsibility of establishing and maintaining traffic measures throughout the city, from ensuring traffic signals are functioning properly to replacing old signs like they do now.

“If we didn't do this work, there would be no structure in how people interact with our infrastructure," Trent Agan, Crew Leader said. "That could create dangerous situations, immense congestion, and the inability for our emergency services to get where they need to go."

If you think about infrastructure as a computer, the Traffic Division is the antivirus that establishes ways to prevent damage when utilizing the roadways. Thankfully, Southlake invests in highly qualified individuals to manage this aspect of road safety.

“Our job demands a deep understanding of traffic control systems, extensive technical skills, and the ability to adapt to various challenges on the job,” Eli Martin Del Campo, Traffic Management Technician said. “There is significant expertise and dedication required for each of our tasks because it involves extremely important work. Our citizens and emergency services rely on traffic lights and road signs every time they hit the road.”

Men in yellow vests working on the streets

The team works to replace the old sign

Part of this expertise is evident in the City’s extensive preventative maintenance program designed by Crew Leader Trent Agan that surpasses what’s required by State standards and sets the Southlake team apart from similar cities. Within the program, the team services our city’s 36 school zone flashers, 22 crosswalk flashers, 13 battery backup units, and 7 traffic signals every single week to ensure they are working properly.

That means any time you stop at a City-owned red light or slow in a school zone, someone from the Traffic Division team has personally checked the bulbs and wiring to ensure you are safe on the roads.

Jase Arellano poses with the newly replaced crosswalk sign

“Everything we do impacts the flow of traffic, so it’s crucial that we do it right," Jase Arellano, Traffic Management Technician, explained. "Every sign, crosswalk, and traffic signal in the city undergoes research and maintenance to ensure maximum efficiency."

The impact of this work is noticeable everywhere in the city, subtly affecting your daily commute each time you apply the brakes or enjoy a string of green lights. These little details that contribute to massive overall safety are thanks to the behind-the-scenes work of the Traffic Division.

“We’re committed to enhancing the overall quality of life for residents by creating safer roads and shorter commutes whenever possible,” Miguel Palos, Traffic Supervisor said. “Our team is passionate about ensuring the safety and efficiency of our city's transportation system.”

Image of people attending the Stars and Stripes Event
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