March 11, 2024

Southlake Fire Department Maintains ISO Class 1 Rating

The Southlake Fire Department proudly maintains its elite ISO 1 ranking, affirming its commitment to top-tier public safety services.

Following a rigorous evaluation by the Insurance Service Office (ISO) in July 2023, the State Fire Marshal's Office has officially confirmed the continuation of our Best in Class ISO 1 rating from June 1, 2024. Our dedication to excellence is further evidenced by our pursuit of third-party evaluations, underscoring the exceptional quality of both our Fire Department and Public Works Department. Out of only 498 nationwide, we proudly hold the esteemed ISO I Rating and accreditation, solidifying our status among the nation's top departments.

Deputy Fire Chief Jeremy Wilson and Deputy Director of Southlake Public Works Operations, Jack Thompson, joined Mayor Pro Tem Shawn McCaskill this week on Minute with the Mayor to talk about the ISO rating.

The ISO rating considers several crucial factors for fire safety and prevention, such as Needed Fire Flows, which include building locations, emergency reporting systems, and dispatching mechanisms. The Fire Department's readiness, including equipment, staffing, training, and community risk reduction initiatives, is also assessed. In addition, the assessment scrutinizes water supply, which involves hydrant inspection, flow testing, and ensuring water availability - an essential component accounting for 40% of the ISO rating.

The role of Southlake Public Works in supporting the Fire Department is critical. Public Works collaborates closely with the Fire Department to maintain optimal water supply levels required for consumption and fire protection, as mandated by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. When the Fire Department requires additional water, Public Works promptly adjusts pump operations to meet increased demand. Additionally, routine maintenance and repairs of fire hydrants are diligently carried out to ensure peak performance, contributing significantly to the ISO rating assessment.

You can visit the ISO rating information page to learn more.

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