February 26, 2024

Work on the Sidewalk Improvements Project at South Pearson Avenue and Union Church Beginning February 26, 2024

The Citizen Satisfaction Survey results are in, and we've heard your feedback loud and clear!

One of the key issues you highlighted is the connectivity of our sidewalks, and we're fully committed to addressing this concern. Contractors are set to kick off the Sidewalk Improvements Project at South Pearson Lane and Union Church Road from February 26th to Spring 2024, weather permitting. 

Map of South Pearson Land and Union Church Road

The goal of this project is to connect the sidewalks in Chesapeake Park with Union Church Road and extend towards Sienna Drive, just west of the Northeast Baptist Church. No traffic disruptions are expected at this time, but we appreciate you giving our crew a brake to ensure safety. Stay tuned for more updates as this is just one of many steps we're taking to enhance sidewalk connectivity in Southlake!

Image of people attending the Stars and Stripes Event
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